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Web designing mistakes that you might be committing


A website should work well for both humans and search engines. One should never compromise on functionality for enhancing beauty. There are multiple websites that have the same common content and designing. If you are planning to design a website any time soon then you should avoid using the same pattern as everyone else. Instead, try something that is catchy and valuable at the same time. To improve any website, one should stay away from mistakes. This is the best way to know how you can create a website that customers love. In this article, you will know about some of these web designing mistakes that you must check and rectify.


  1. Complex navigation:

Navigation is an important aspect of web designing. Good and systematic navigation is the one that encourages a user to browse deep into the website. Confusing navigation can become a reason of sending users on a wild goose chase. Complex navigation is the one which is placed at a location that is hard to notice or have terms that are irrelevant. Therefore, while designing a website make sure that the navigation is easily understandable and visible. For correcting this mistake, you can consider choosing to have either vertical or horizontal navigation. Just ensure that it is easy to locate. Also, make sure that every label has a single drop down comprising of the submenu.


  1. Usage of duplicate or too big images:

Fresh and unique content is something that Google loves. The content can be in any form either text, image or any other media. Hence, using duplicate images without giving the required credit can impact your website authenticity. But, in order to find an original image, one should never use unattractive and basic images. Select visuals that are appealing and eye catchy. Not to forget, using large sized images can make your website speed suffer. Slow speed makes users bounce back from the website as they find a slow site frustrating. You can rectify such errors by following few things. If you think you are not that good with DIYs, use free designing tools to create attractive images. Remember to resize the images before directly uploading them. This will make sure that your website has improved loading time.


  1. Having orphan pages on the website:

For those who don’t know about Orphan pages, these are web pages from where a user can’t go anywhere else. Some people keep orphan pages on their website which can ultimately make a visitor close the website when stuck on such page. You should always avoid to include an orphan page on their website. The best way to rectify such error is to make sure the logo points to your website homepage always. Proper redirects should be done on your website. If you think it to be a hectic job, you can hire a web designing company to do such tasks for you.


  1. Excluding zoom feature on mobile:

A website should always keep the mobile compatibility in mind while planning a strategy. Having a zoom feature is one key feature when talking about mobile compatibility of a website. This is because mobile screens are comparatively small as compared to other gadgets. To make sure your website doesn’t face the same issue, take note of a few things. First, make it a point to keep the fonts big enough that it is easily readable on any device. Provide users with the option of zooming in and out of the web pages.


  1. Keeping contact information behind ten or so links:

Always keep your contact information in front of your website. If you aren’t doing this then you must do it asap. Contact information that is easily visible helps to build credibility as well as trust amongst users. If your users won’t be able to find your contact details easily, they will find it tough to trust your website. Create a separate contact us page that is added in the primary navigation. Also, you can include contact details in the footer too.


There are various mistakes that can happen while web designing, but these were some most common one that you must check. I hope this article helped you to know about such common errors. In case of any doubt, do feel free to reach us through the comment section below. Thank You.



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