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Small Online Business Opportunity In Nigeria

Hello friends in today post I will be discussing small Online business opportunities one can be able to start up in the world or Nigeria.

Making money online has become very easy and simple if you are willing to follow up with this article we have written on how to start a small business in Nigeria or elsewhere.

7 Small Online Business Opportunities You Can Start With Little or No Capital

Technological advancements have made it possible for entrepreneurs to work from any place.

Most people and companies today operate in a digital environment enjoying the freedom of conducting business on the move and lowering the overhead costs.

Starting an online business is a matter of  expanding your network and focusing on your strengths.

One benefit that comes with starting a small online business opportunity is that it is more affordable and can be started at home.

Apart from ensuring you have a registered business entity, a home office, good internet connection and a few entrepreneurial follow through are some of the things you need to get.

Here are some of the common small online business opportunities one can start with little or no capital.

1. Freelance Writer

It is not a surprise that Freelance writer tops the list of online businesses you can start with little or no capital. The rise of content marketing has made online freelance writers be in demand.

Kick starting your career as a freelance writer is very easy, all you need is set up your profile in some of the popular freelance websites such as Freelancer and Upwork and start building on your profile.

Having a site can be of great importance since there are people who will be interested in seeing your previous work collated in one point to provide them with an insight on your writing style, personality and niche you cover.

Apart from being a great writer, you will need to be a speedy writer if you need to excel as a freelance writer.

2. Social Media Consultant

Are you a creative, strong writer who loves being updated with the latest social media trends and have a knack for social media? Social media consultant can be a perfect opportunity for you to start generating  some income.

Most business owners either are not aware of social media intricacies to help grow a loyal online following and build a brand or do not know about using social media at all.

Practicing social media consultancy will enable you to assist businesses in crafting social media plan or controlling their social accounts and posting updates in different platforms.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Are you an individual who loves writing customer reviews on websites like Amazon? Why do it for free?

Most companies are today ready to share a portion of their percentage with persuasive people who can commit to helping promote their products to the public by posting positive reviews.

In case you have a website with a huge following, you can also enjoy some profits from companies such as Amazon.

4 blogging

Blogging has enormous potential that people are yet to tap into. You do not have to be an IT guru to start blogging. It is one of the most comfortable online businesses one can begin.

Several online tutorials can help you come up with a blog.

However, you need to have something to blog out to start making money while blogging.

You can decide to blog about technology, relationships, politics, etc. Bloggers do make money through traffic and adverts. The content they create is meant to attract people to visit their site.

The more traffic they get, the better pay they will be getting. It is also possible to become an affiliate marketer as you blog by having companies advertise their products on your blog.

5. Virtual Assistant

You can also make money by practicing virtual assistant. The world is full of individuals who are in need of help to complete some tasks.

You can apply with any company in need of a virtual assistant and start  making money from your home office.

Majority of companies who recruit virtual assistants are interested in people who are capable of conducting online marketing and respond to emails and write reports on their behalf. You do not have to spend any dollar to become a virtual assistant.

6. Web Designing

Poorly designed websites are known to put off a lot of people. Hence, most people or businesses in need of great sites will go out of their way to get excellent web designers.

In case you have some knowledge of creating great websites, you can use it to help earn a living by building sites for the clients you can get through various freelance sites.

You don’t have to have a degree in software development to know how to create a website; there are several tutorials you can get online for free that can help you learn how to create great sites.

7. Drop Shipping

Being a small online business owner, you do not have to handle deliveries to your clients or have the inventory of a large product.

It will help you avoid the risk of having your warehouse full of items you might not sell thereby eliminating financial risk. With drop shipping, you will not have to store or manufacture any products.

You will be purchasing products from a third party firm at a lower price  whenever your customer places an order.

The drop shipper will be responsible for sending the product to your customer.

You can offer a wide range of products with drop shipping. Hence, the expenses of operating your online business will be super low.

There is also no risk since you will not interact with the product and not  make any purchase until the purchase is made. However, it is essential that you get a reputable and trustworthy drop shipper you can count on.


One crucial trick with any small  online business is to ensure whatever you are doing is profitable. To be a successful online business entrepreneur, you need to keep an eye on the latest trends, check what others are discussing on various social media platforms and check out bestseller lists on websites like


With online businesses, you are not restricted to one online business opportunity. You can start with one business and venture into other online opportunities with time.

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