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In the field of entertainment and recreation, modern technology gives us a lot of comforts. And portable projector is one of the new inclusion to this. You can enjoy theater type experience at home without going to the cinema hall or can do any presentation work with those projectors. Among all the different type of projectors, our favorite one is Short Throw Projector. And In this writing, we will discuss briefly on short throw projectors – different available models, buying tips and the benefits as well.

What is a Short throw projector?

To understand the short throw projector, first, you need to understand the meaning of “Throw” here. It is the measure of distance between the projector and the screen at the time of throwing an image. It ensures the display size you want. And in short throw projectors, the distance is shorter than other projectors. The lenses of this can create larger images from shorter distances. So, it requires little space to run any slide or video you want.

Notes On Short Throw Projectors That Worth Buying

Short throw projectors are getting very popular nowadays. But as a technology-related thing, there may arise still a lot of confusions. Our notes on this topic will help you remove those forever. Here we will feature the top 3 short throw projectors with their specialist.

ViewSonic PA503S Specification and review

ViewSonic PA503S is a smart short throw projector. It is handy for small classroom and business meeting presentation. It comes with five preset viewing modes.

Projection Dimensions: The contrast ratio of this projector is 22,000:1. If the difference between the screen and the projector will 15’8 inches, It can project an image of 120 inches with quality images and videos. You can get scope type of zooming experience here.

Lumens: It functions with 3600 lumens. And the combination of this high 3600 lumens with five different preset modes can work in any condition you want.

Resolutions: The resolution of this projector is 800 x 600. You may think the resolution is comparatively low, but for a small room, it is fine.

Dimensions: 4.3 x 11.6 x 8.6 Inches.

Overall ViewSonic PA503S is a great projector to have. High lumens of 3600 is the highlighted feature of this, and it is worth buying.

iRULU P5 Specification and review:

It is unarguably one of the best short throw home projectors in the current market. And the gamers also have a crush on it. Let’s check the full overview of it.

Throw Distance: It has a throw distance of 3.6 to 19.7 feet to get 32 and 200 inches screen size.

Lumens: iRULU P5 is 2600 lumens short throw projector. That’s why it works great in the small room but can face problem in the large room, classroom when light can come from outside.

Resolution: It has a higher resolution of 1280 x 768 and does support 1080p.

Excellent Sound Quality: iRULU P5 features Hi-fi level stereo speakers. So, you can enjoy quality pictures with outstanding sound effect.

From this review, we can tell that it is not for everyone rather than for specific people. So, think carefully before buying it.

LG PH450UG Short Throw Projector Specification and review

If you are looking for a branded and reliable short throw projector, LG PH450UG can be the best choice for you. A full review of LG ph450ug might help to understand this projector well. Let’s check the specification of this projector.

Quality short throw technique: It has one of the best short throw technique. In only 3 inches distance, it can create 40 inches image. The contrast ratio of the LG PH450UG  is 100,000:1 with 16:9 aspect ratio. That’s why it works superbly in a small room or area, but you will face a problem in the larger room.

High Resolution: The resolution of this projector is 1290 x 720. So, they do not compromise with the resolution at least.

Lumens: It works with just 450 lumens. It is a disadvantage of this projector.

The discussion above clearly shows that it is one of the best short throw projectors that worth buying.

Final Words:

Short throw projector is excellent for personal or medium usage. We think our recommended picks will clear your confusion about buying the best one. Let’s know about your thought about our picks.


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