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Are you looking for a way on how to make money on supervank then you have come to the right place, I have written a previous post about supervank Review which you can read if you want to.

In this blog article, I will be discussing the necessary steps to make money online through supervank. They are many apps in the internet which allows you to make money online one of them is supervank.

What is supervankHow to make money on supervank

Supervank is a free investment app which accepts any country to invest through the app.

SuperVank is a fair and safe investment system. You can only invest with acquired EC, not with any other capital. The app is free for download on the Play store and you will be rewarded with 200,000 EC after registration on the app.

7 way on how to make money on supervank

These are the many ways to get EC on the app.

  • Pedometer
  • Time Profit
  • Schedule Alarm
  • Media Profit:
  • Bonus Profit
  • Quotes
  • Referral System

1 Pedometer:

With this feature, you will be awarded ECs for your health activities. When you activate the pedometer function, your walking activities and general movement will be tracked. You will in turn be credited for this. Just click the menu icon and select Pedometer.

2 Time Profit:

Here, you will receive ECs just for your time (time that has passed). From the menu button, select Time Profit to claim ECs every 15 minutes.

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3 Schedule Alarm:

You can receive ECs by scheduling simple activities via the SuperVank calendar. You can add new events and manage your schedule while earning for it. Just follow the on screen instructions on how to create an event.

4 Media Profit:

As the name suggests, you will earn points just for watching videos (media Ads).

5 Bonus Profit:

Activate the Bonus Profit feature to receive additional benefits on a regular basis.


In addition to lifting your spirits, you will receive EC points for viewing the featured quotes.

7 The Referral System
You can share your referral link with anyone and earn when they join. Under this system, you will not earn a percentage but rather a specific amount of 200,000 ECs. Your referrals also receive 200,000 ECs upon signing up.

How to request for a payment

In calculating EC points, 1,000,000 ECs = $1 (USD). You can request payment via PayPal when you have reached the minimum of 10,000,000 ECs – $10. For requests over $10 and less than $100, a percentage of the requested EC amount will be deducted. No percentage is taken for requests over $100.


Supervank has proven to be the most trusted app for people who are interested in investment. Do you have any idea or questions or contributions on how to make money on supervank please feel free to let me know. Don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.

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