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Hello friends welcome back to my blog post titled how to make money on etsy, if you have been visiting my blog you will find out that I have written a blog article about etsy affiliate and etsy promo code.

So in this blog post I will be discussing about how to make money with etsy, are you looking for the best method on how to make money selling on etsy or are you talented in art and you are looking for the best tips on how to make money selling art on etsy then you have come to the right place.

According to my research, etsy has about millions of active users who are buying and selling stuff on etsy website, etsy is a website mainly for people who are talented in creating homemade or handmade products.

They are basically two ways on how to make money on etsy which are

Etsy affiliate ie selling others people’s products
Selling your own products

So let get started.

1 selling your own products

If you are very good in handmade products then etsy is great place for you to start selling your products and make money on it.

Before you can start selling products on etsy let tell you some certain things you need to know before you consider looking on How to make money selling on etsy.

Things you can sell on etsy

1 you can sell your handmade products

2 you can sell digital products

3 you can sell vintage items

4 you can equally sell crafting tools

Etsy selling is not free

Before you can start selling on etsy, there are fee you have to pay which are listed below

a) fee for product listing

Etsy will charge you a fee of $0.20 before you can be able to list your products on their website. The listing can last until the product is sold or 4 months

b) fee for transaction

When the product you have listed on etsy has been sold, you have to pay some transaction fee which is close to 3% or 3.5%.

c) Fee for payment processing

After a buyer has successfully bought your product, you will only be paid through etsy payment platform, for you to be able to use etsy payment you have to pay some fees.

With etsy payments you can be able to receive payments in many different ways including PayPal, it is the best means to keep both sellers and buyers in a safer mode when making any transactions.

How much can you make on etsy

This question has been asked by many people, seriously it depends on how you are really working on the website, the amount you make selling on etsy will depend on the kind of work you have been doing on the website.

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In my own opinion, I think they are many people who are really making huge some of money selling on etsy, those who are very good in art design are seriously earning it big on the platform, so it all depends on you.

How to get your own etsy store

Before you can start selling on etsy, you need to set up a store, this store is the place where all your products will be available. Consider this details when trying to set up your own etsy store.

a) what can I sell

This is great question, you have to figure out the best product that you can be able to sell fast on etsy, is not all about listing a product but selling it is the main thing, so before you set up your own store, make sure that the product you are trying to sell will sell faster on the website.

b) you will need a brand name and logo for your business

Unique name and easy to find are very good when it comes giving a name to a store, you have to make some research before you start giving your store a name, this name will be what buyers will use to find you and know you.

Another important thing is to have a unique logo that represents your product, create a professional logo or hire someone to design a unique logo for your business.

c) you will equally need some money

As I have mentioned earlier on this blog post that they are some certain fees you have to pay before selling on etsy, if you don’t have money you can’t be able to sell on etsy, so include money on your budget.

d) high quality images

Yes you heard me right, you will need an eye catchy image that will attract buyers to buy your products, when you have high quality images for your business, many buyers will be attracted to the product and many will end up buying the product, so high quality images are necessary.

What is etsy plus

Etsy plus is the newly introduced plan on etsy which allows you to have more functions and features.

When you have paid £7.70 which is the plan upgrade fee you will be able to enjoy more features.

Can I trust etsy

Yes you can trust etsy, they have been online many years now and many people are using them when buying handmade products.

You need a seller permit

To avoid tax on the products you sell on etsy you will need a seller permit.

what items sell the most on etsy

According to my research, jewelry, craft supplies and party decorations are the products that are selling high on etsy, you can equally make your own research and find out more about it.

You can get more than one shop on etsy

Are you trying to figure out if you can be able to have more than one shop on etsy, the answer is yes, you can.

is selling on etsy worth it


2 etsy affiliate i.e selling others people’s products

Remember the title of the blog post how to make money on etsy, I have discussed how to make money selling on etsy with your own products, so now I will discuss about etsy affiliate program, are you a buyer on etsy and you have gotten a promo code and you don’t know anything about it, check this out etsy coupon

If you are planning on using etsy to make money without having your own products, the answer is yes, but how, etsy have released what we call etsy affiliate program which will allow you to make money promoting other people’s products.

I can not go far on this because I have previously written a blog post about etsy affiliate program which you can read through etsy affiliate program review.


I know I have not been able to answer all the questions about how to make money with etsy, so if you have any questions or ideas about how to make money selling on etsy or how to make selling art on etsy please feel free to ask me through the comment box below.

Please don’t hesitate to share with your friends and family members and also share on your favorite social media platform. Thank you for visiting our blog.

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