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Hello friends we are going to discuss about how to earn in paysbook social media 

Paysbook has proven to be a great a way to make money online in 2019, many of my friends who have been using this website are earning a lot of money online through it, so I have decided to write a review about the paysbook.

In this my blog post, I  will try and discuss everything you need to know about how to earn in paysbook social media.

This days everyone knows that social media are the most important ways to interact with people, you can equally make money online through social media. 

What is paysbook

Paysbook is nothing but  a combination of the world’s three most innovative Internet companies which includes

  • The social media platform,
  • The e-commerce system and
  • The affiliate marketing programme.

Social media, e-commerce and affiliate marketing are great ways one can make money online, to learn social media marketing, e-commerce and affiliate marketing takes less time.

Who is the Founder of  Paysbook

According to my research Paysbook is owned by Arjay Gallenero and is located in Campanilla Corner E. Rodriguez Barangay Mariana, New Manila Quezon City, Mezzanine AL Building 1.

How to get started

Before you can get started on this website you have to follow this simple step-by-step

  • Firstly, register an account on Paysbook website with your necessary information or details.
  • After you have finished creating your own account on the website, just proceed to login and start earning on the platform.

After you have finished registration on the website, you can not be able to enjoy every rewards on the website unless you have activated your account.

how to activate paysbook account

For your account to be activated on paysbook you have to have the sum of 20$, so by activating your account you will have unlimited access to earnings on the website.

how to earn in paysbook social media

Now here comes the title of this blog post, how to earn in paysbook, I know many people don’t have the strength to read every details, their aim is to get the particular information they are looking for, so friends here are the necessary steps on how to earn in paysbook in this 2019.

They are many ways to make money online in this website but I am going to discuss the one I have been using on the website. So let get started


When you sign in on this website you will be able to earn ₱300 rewards. Sounds simple right.


You are qualified to earn rewards on your paysbook login account or affiliate paysbook login, that is you will earn rewards every time you login to the website. You can login as many as you want to login. This is what is making me very mad about this website.


You will be able to earn unlimited coins as a rewards for every activities on the website such as (likes, share, comment or post) anything to your Paysbook social media account.


Whenever you refer someone on the website you will be able to earn ₱1000 you can only earn that when the person have activated his or her account on the website.

How to withdraw on paysbook

They are four ways to withdraw your money from the website, but only two methods can be used by international countries and the other two is for Philippines.

Paysbook is a platform that is launched in Philippines, but if you are not from Philippines you will be able to withdraw your money using the other two methods provided on the website.

1 BDO Payout – this option is only available  for Philippine users

2 True Money Payout – this option is also only available for Philippine users

3 Dealers Payout (Western Union) – available for International users

4 PayPal Payout –available for  International users

Is paysbook legit or scam

Well I can’t conclude if the website is legit or not. But according to my recent research about Paysbook, I find out that some people have been paid on the website while some people are calling it scam.

I will advise you to try it out and find out everything about it before you can conclude. You can equally contact and tell us what you think about this website. Our aim is to provide the best for our members.


This is just a review about Paysbook, I have written this blog post to tell my members how to earn in paysbook because many people are finding it very difficult to understand everything about Paysbook.

Do you have any problems or questions about Paysbook or do you want to activate your paysbook account, you can contact me using the contact us page on our website.

Please do not forget to share with your friends and family members on social media.

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