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Gistusmore Income Program Review is the next income program review I will be writing about today.

Income program has become an easy way Nigeria youths use and make money online today.

In this article I will be discussing everything about gistusmore, the newly launched Income program.

Gistusmore Income Program Review: What is gistusmore

Gistusmore is an online reading news which is also an income program in Nigeria which rewards its members for completing tasks on the platform.

Gistusmore was launched on 12th of January 2019 by Ekezie. It was hosted on namecheap.


How does it work

Before you can join any platform it is very good to find out how the platform operates. This is a short details on how gistusmore works.

  • Daily login 50
  • Welcome bonus as a new member 100
  • Sponsored post 100
  • Any of your posts that got approved you earn 100
  • Comments 5
  • Page views 2
  • Referral bonus 500

This is a short details on how to make money from gistusmore.

How to register on gistusmore

To register on gistusmore just follow this steps

  • Click here to open the website
  • Click on sign up
  • Fill all the details and click on sign up
  • It will ask you to login
  • Input your login details and login
  • It will display a successful login message
  • Click on continue

Before you can start making money on gistusmore you have to verify your account by following the below article.

How to verify your account on gistusmore

They are three methods in which you can verify your account on gistusmore which are

  • Coupon codes
  • Paystack
  • Airtime

Paying with coupon codes

Before you register with coupon code on gistusmore you have to purchase a coupon code from their vendor which you can get from their website. Follow this link to verify your account with coupon codes

  • Login to your account
  • It will display three payments method
  • Choose coupon code
  • You will see their coupon code vendor the
  • Incase you have not bought your own coupon code, just message him on whatsapp using the number provided.
  • If you have your coupon code ready just input your username and the coupon code and click on verify. That it

Paying with paystack

This method involves paying with your atm card which is the fastest way, when you pay with paystack your account will be activated automatically. Follow this step to verify your account using paystack.

  • Login to your gistusmore account
  • Click on paystack
  • When it opens fill up all the details required
  • Click on pay. That is.

How to withdraw your money from gistusmore

Is not all about earning on gistusmore but is about withdrawal.

Before you can withdraw on gistusmore you have to reach their minimum withdrawal which is 3000 for activity earnings while you can withdraw any amount for your referral.

How to withdraw your referral earnings

Follow this steps to withdraw your gistusmore referral earnings

  • Login to your account dashboard
  • Scroll down and click on referral
  • When it opens click on withdraw
  • Input the amount you want to withdraw and submit.

How to withdraw your activity earnings 

Before you can be able to withdraw your gistusmore activity earnings you must have reached their minimum withdrawal which is 3000. Follow the same steps when withdrawing your referral earnings and withdraw your activities earnings, but instead of clicking on referrals just click on the second one.


This is my gistusmore review, if you have any questions about gistusmore review feel free to ask me using the comment box

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