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Have you been looking for the working featurepoints referral code, referral code for feature points and feature points referral code then you have come to right place. This is the best app on the internet which allows you to make money online through your mobile phone.

What is FeaturePoints App

FeaturePoints is an app which allows you to download other free apps and earn points, shop online and make money and complete some surveys and make money.

How to install the app

Installing this great app on your mobile phone is very easy. Just follow this steps to install the app

  • Visit your playstore,
  • search for FeaturePoints,
  • when you see it click on install,
  • you have finally installed the app on your phone.

FeaturePoints App Registration Guide

After you have finished installing the app in your phone, the next step is to register on the app by following this simple steps.

  • Open the app and click on sign up
  • put your email address and complete the robot check
  • fill in the other details such as your password and real name
  • then click on sign up
  • a new page will open input this code WGAPT5 as your referral code and click on sign up.

You have finally created your own account.

FeaturePoints App rewards

They are many different kinds of rewards on the app which you can choose from such as

  • PayPal,
  • iTunes,
  • gift cards,
  • Amazon gift cards
  • and many others

How to make money in the app

Once you have downloaded the app on your smartphone, the next thing is to find out how you can make money online through the app. The are many ways to make money online in the FeaturePoints App such as

  • Referral,
  • downloading of free apps that has points through the FeaturePoints App,
  • shopping online
  • and completing surveys.

How to redeem your points

They are different ways to redeem your rewards on this great app such as

  • PayPal money,
  • Amazon gift card
  • iTunes, gift cards and
  • many other ways which you can see in the app.

What is the minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal in the app varies, if you are using PayPal to withdraw your money you will need a minimum of 6000 points which is equivalent to $10, while other methods may need 5000 points to redeem your money.

Customers review about the app

This below screenshot is the screen shot of people who have been paid by the app.

featurepoints referral code

featurepoints referral code

FeaturePoints Referral Code

Use this code for your featurepoints referral code WGAPT5

referral code for feature points

Use this code WGAPT5 for your referral code for feature points.


FeaturePoints App has proven to be a great way to make money online if you are planning on earning money online through mobile apps.

I have started using this app on my mobile phone and I have not regretted using it on my phone. You can give it a try if you want to make money online through mobile apps. Have any questions or suggestions please use the comments box below.


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