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Hello friends welcome back, in this blog post I will be discussing about etsy promo code or etsy coupon code and how to get the promo code and coupon code and apply it when buying stuff on etsy website. You can check out our etsy affiliate program review if you are interested in making money promoting etsy products.

Etsy is a great website to buy homemade products from people who are talented in creating some great products. So let’s get started.

What is etsy promo code/coupon

Promo code or coupon code will make your purchase price more lower than the actual price, assuming you got a 30% discount coupon code from etsy seller, when you apply those promo codes, the money you are supposed to pay will be removed 30% from it.

You are required to read the coupon code terms and conditions, to find out if it there is actually minimum product to buy before you can be able to apply a coupon code.

How can I find etsy coupon code as a shopper

Now that you have known exactly what a promo code is, let tell you how to find your own etsy coupon code.

They are many ways to get etsy promo code, so I am going to list out the options which I have been using when shopping on etsy website.

1 through sellers

Many sellers will send you coupon codes once you have subscribed to their email newsletter.

2 through the shop homepage

you can equally get etsy coupon code at the shop homepage where some stores list out their coupons under the announcement section.

3 through social media

by following some etsy sellers on social media because many sellers always share some promo codes on their social media timeline.

4 blogs or websites

through some blogs or websites which lists out some active promo codes, such blogs or websites can be found on Google.

Etsy promo codes samples/examples

Are you looking for the type of promo code offered by etsy then I will show you some types of coupon codes offered by etsy which I have used during the time I was buying some stuff from the website, check it out below.

etsy promo code free shipping

This is a type of promo code given to you by a seller which you will be able to apply and get free shipping for the product you have bought, I think terms and conditions are applied here.

etsy promo code first order

This is the type of promo code given to shoppers who are buying products for the first time in etsy website.

Note that etsy promo code are not offered by everyone selling on etsy but only offered by sellers who wish to.

How sellers can create a coupon code on etsy website

Are you a seller on etsy website and you are trying to offer discounts to your buyers and you have no idea on how to create your own etsy coupon code then follow this step-by-step guide below.

  • When you login to your account
  • You will see an icon on your shop at the top of your screen just click on it
  • Find promote and click on it
  • After clicking on promote, find coupon code and click on it
  • To add a new coupon code just click on add new
  • You have to enter a unique coupon code in the Coupon Code text box.
  • After choose the type of coupon code you want to create

You have finally created your own etsy promo code.

How to use the coupon code as a shopper

You are a shopper on etsy website and you have gotten the etsy promo code, just follow this step to apply the coupon code.

  • After purchasing your product, don’t click on processed on checkout
  • You have to apply the coupon code you have gotten by clicking on the blue link below the payment option
  • Just put your coupon code and apply it.

You have successfully applied your coupon code.


Coupon code is a great way to reduce the cost of products that you are buying online, before buying anything from etsy website make sure to check out if you can find any active etsy promo code for that product because it will seriously help you a lot.

Do you have any questions or ideas about etsy coupon code feel free to use the comment box below.

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