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Etsy affiliate program is another review that I am going to discuss about in this blog post.

If you have been visiting my blog, you will find out that this is not the first affiliate program review website we are writing about.

My articles are mainly focused on how to make money online and how to start affiliate marketing with other reviews. So if you are because you are trying to become etsy affiliate partner and you are looking for the best advice before joining them, then you have come to the right place because in this blog post I will discuss everything etsy affiliate program, how to register on etsy affiliate program, so stay tuned and continue reading below.

The benefits of using affiliate programs on your blog or anywhere is that you don’t really need to have your own products before you can start selling, you just have to create an account with any affiliate program you are interested with and start promoting their products on your blog or anywhere. Before we get started on the main topic which is etsy affiliate, let take a look on what is affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a new thing to many bloggers and affiliates marketers, they are many blogs who have actually published a blog post that discuss everything about it, affiliate marketing involves selling of products online which are not your own products and get rewarded after each successful sales through your affiliate link which the affiliate marketing website gave you.

If you are into fashion niche, you can equally check out some of the best fashion pay per click affiliate program which you can register and start making money online through it, travel niche bloggers can equally check out on this best pay per click travel affiliate program. 

What is etsy affiliate

Etsy can be seen as eBay, it is market place where people with talent sell their home made products to other people, by becoming an etsy affiliate marketing, you will be able to get commissions on every sales which converted through your affiliate link.

How to promote etsy affiliate program

People who are into this affiliate program are lucky enough because it allows you to post your link on Facebook which can be a great a way to drive traffic to the affiliate offer page.

You have many different types of of products you can choose and start promoting, just choose the right product that you can be able to promote and start sharing it on Facebook with caution to avoid spamming on Facebook because your Facebook account may be blocked.

1 through your Facebook

2 through Twitter

3 through popular forums

4 through your blog

5 through Google ads

Advantage of etsy affiliate program

1 It has a 30 days cookies

This is one of the best things to consider when trying to join any affiliate marketing website.

What this actually means is that you have minimum of 30 days for the visitors who click on your affiliate link to make a purchase.

They are many affiliate marketing website that are only giving just 5 days cookies which is very bad, but they are also affiliate marketing website which gives a lifetime cookies, all depends on what they want.

So with this 30 days affiliate cookies, I think is a very good idea.

2 High means of promotion

After you have successfully become a member on etsy affiliate program, you will be given a huge ways to promote their products and make money easily, I have already listed the method above which I am pretty sure that you have seen it.

Disadvantages of etsy affiliate program

After you have known the advantages it is very good to know the disadvantages because everything has good and bad side.

The only two things that I don’t actually like is the joining fee and the common rate, nothing else.

Etsy affiliate program commission rate

After you have started getting sales through your affiliate link, the commissions that you will be given on any sales can range from %4 to %5. The rate is not quite bad compared to other affiliate marketing website who gives low than that.

Also as for my own, the commission rate is quite low for people like me who are looking for something big, but as a starter or someone who has not been earning money online, it will be a great start for you.

Etsy affiliate program registration guide

After knowing everything about this affiliate program, the question is how can I sign up for the affiliate program, so to sign up for an account just follow this steps.

  • Apply for the affiliate window here
  • You have to deposit the sum of $5 before your account will be approved
  • After your account has been approved
  • Then apply for the etsy affiliate program

Having problems with the registration feel free to let me know through the comment box.

Why I didn’t join this etsy affiliate program

Seriously I am not a fan of people who spend money to join any affiliate marketing website, because of the $5 which etsy affiliate charges before you can become their affiliate marketer is what is still holding me from joining the affiliate program, if you have no problem about paying the $5 then I will advise you to go for it but if you are people like me who don’t spend to join any affiliate program then I will advise you to stay away from it, according to the website, they are going to refund you the money on your first cash out, this is done to avoid scammers and robots on the website which is a very good idea.

Can you make money online through this affiliate program

Yes you will make money online through etsy affiliate program, the have paid many people and are still paying till now, so you don’t have to worry about it.


If you trying to make money online through affiliate program, then it is really good to join the etsy affiliate program if you are just starting new into affiliate marketing, if you are not having any issues about the registration fee and commission rate then you have no problem joining the platform.

I have been making money online through affiliate marketing and I am very happy about it, you two can do it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me using the comment box below, if you like this blog post, don’t forget to share it on Facebook.

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