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Commission Junction Affiliate Program (CJ)

Commission Junction is another affiliate program mega store (like clickbank) that offers thousands of products from different industries for you to get commissions from.

In a sense CJ is a middleman between you the affiliate and companies who have products to sell.

I’ve used Commission Junction for a year or so now and have never really had much success with it – partly because I’ve not found many products in it that quite fit with the topics that I write on and partly because I have found other programs (like Amazon) to be easier to add to my blogs.

In fact I’ve used Commission Junction so little in the past few months that today when I logged onto it I found that my account has been deactivated (I’ve since reactivated it).

Once you’ve applied to join Commission Junction you then need to apply to join some of the many programs that run within it. Each advertisers in the system has their own program and if you wish to promote their products you apply to do so. Once your application is approved you are then able to use links provided to promote their products.

I understand why they use this system but it can make getting products up onto your blog to promote a longer process (and more frustrating if you’re rejected) than other systems like Amazonand Clickbank in which you are free to promote any product or service in their system. For example I’ve just now applied to become an affiliate of the Commission Junction program but was rejected for no reason.

As you can tell I’m not a major fan of CJ but I include it in this series because I know of website owners who use it very effectively and make good money from it.

Pros of Commission Junction

• wide variety of products/services/companies to promote
• better quality products than clickbank (no cheap and nasty e-books here). In fact they represent some very big companies.
• options given for different types of links (including text, buttons, banners etc)
• reasonable statistics information given

Cons of Commission Junction

• perhaps a downside of the variety of products on offer is the overwhelming nature of CJ
• slightly more complicated interface than a program like Amazon
• they deactivated my account!
• application to programs within the larger Commission Junction network can be frustrating and a long process

How to Sign Up New Commission Junction  Account?

CJ is one of the biggest affiliate marketing network and also known as Commission junction. If You looking to make money online, CJ is the very reliable and genuine way to make money online and they had huge number of potential of advertisers across the world and had lot of products to promote mostly in all categories.

Any one can sell Cj products based on their interest and their potential buyers depending on where they lives. Some of peoples are questioning the genuineness of CJ. As i said earlier CJ is the one of the Best and No.1 Affiliate marketing company in the world. Here we guide you how to sign up new free CJ account.

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1 : Login to and click Free Publisher Signup

Step 2 : In Next Step you have to choose your language, Your country and functional currency (Based on this currency selection you will receive payments from CJ in future). Then click Next 

Step 3 : This step is very important and fill the form very carefully one by one. First read the service agreement by scroll down the framed page in signup form and click accept button to enable the check box. Similarly enable check boxes by accepting private policy and make sure your age should be 18+ years.

Then enter your newsletter name or title of the website along with your website URL with brief description. Also make sure to select your website category from the drop down menu. After that select your website or newsletter promotional method like through organic search results and Paid PPC programs. (It may be through Google Adwords or similar Pay per click programs). Then select yes or no if you are offering any incentives to your website visitors or not. (Read more details in CJ application form)

Now its a time to enter the very important information such as your full name along with address or your company name along with address.

The mail address you are using in this form should be you correspondence email address in future with commission junction and its also login name of your CJ account. So use your primary email id to open new CJ account to never miss the regular updates and notifications from them.

Afterwards select the mode of payment you are willing to receive from CJ and fill the verification code to ensure you are not automated program or Bot. Then click accept button. Once you have finished, successful message will appears in your screen.

Now your CJ account successfully created and expect a welcome mail from CJ along with your CJ account login password.. Just login your CJ account using your email ID which used to sign up above and enter the password received from CJ’s welcome mail and start making money online. 🙂

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