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Blog9ja Review 2018: Make Money Online Using Blog9ja

What is blog9ja

Blog9ja  is a premium blogging platform managed by Engineer Blessing Ochonogor  and a host of seasoned team admins with the  purpose and aim of allowing people to make money online ,mostly Nigerians.
The platform gives you the chance to earn real money and pays you for every action that is made on the platform (from signing up and content creation (posting or blogging) to sharing posts and commenting).
Every activity on the platform pays off. At the end of every week of the  month,  your activities will be turned into money and will be paid  into your local Nigeria bank account.
It is Powered by Guaranty Gold Multi-services Company Limited, a corporate web and ICT business duly registered with the corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) – REGISTRATION NUMBER: 2454848

How To Make Money On Blog9ja– You Can Make at least  ₦30,000 Weekly for real– Find Out Here

As a Blog9ja Member , There are about 7 proven good  ways to earn money  and get paid to your local Nigeria bank account at the end of the week.
You earn ₦100 bonus when you successfully register your account via any affiliate link. The funds would instantly reflect when you access your account area. This is a welcome bonus for registering on the platform.
You earn ₦50 for ACTIVE DAILY Login to your Blog9ja Member account.
You earn ₦5 money by making good and well constructed comments relating to the article you are reading.
You earn ₦100 for sharing our SPONSORED POSTS to your social media handle for the day. You will have to login to your account, click on SPONSORED POST and
follow the direction there for sharing your SPONSORED POST for the day.
SPONSORED POSTS are paid promotional post on Blog9ja platform.
You earn ₦50 when you submit a well constructed, informative post to the Blog9ja forum and it gets approved.
You earn  ₦800 when you refer your friends, family and coworkers to Blog9ja earning Program.
The more referrals you make, the more profits you earn as well. This earnings would automatically reflect in your Account Balance.
You earn a slice of the Monthly Ad revenue from Blog9ja Advertisers as we share our advertising revenue with you .
Ad earnings depends on your activities on Blog9ja. Your activities of your earnings is constantly credited as our advertisers pay for Ad revenue with us.
You earn ₦100 per coupon code sale profits from being a Blog9ja COUPON VENDOR. – Contact us on phone to become a Blog9ja Coupon Vendor.
All earnings which you have made for the week can be requested from your account area and paid to your Nigerian Bank account to you.
Please note that you must have a valid BANK DETAILS to get paid. Blog9ja pays her members through Bulk Internet Transfer to all Banks payments.


Blog9ja is a major Affiliate Partner of Popular Ecommerce websites in Nigeria like Jumia, Konga, Parporte etc and generate Revenue from these companies.
Blog9ja also sells advertising services. Some of Our products / services include Banner ads, Text ads, Sponsored Links, etc.
Advertisers may use these services to advertise their Business/Program /Product to all Users and visitors of our site.We share our profits
 from advertising revenue with all active Users every week of the month.


I would like use this opportunity to throw more light on this issue of where and how to share a sponsored post because it has gotten to my notice that most of blog9ja memebers are still much confused on it .
Alright, lemme break it down with a simple English so that we all would understand better.
In BLOG9JA we have two places to share our sponsored on facebook and they are
1. Facebook group and
2. Facebook timeline/wall.
Many people has been asking where is it to be shared , weather in a group or timeline/wall
And the answer to this questions now is that you can share on any of them niether on timeline/wall or group.
But after sharing kindly go back to sponsored post on your blog9ja account and indicate where you shared your post by commenting on the comment box below.
You can also follow these simple steps to share your sponsored post .
1. Login your blog9ja account/dashboard
2. Click on sponsored post
3. Click on a sponsored post for the day with a current date on it


4. Save the photo/ image below on your device e.g mobile phone ,laptop e.t.c
5. Copy the text below [in green bold color] which will go along with photo to be shared on your facebook timeline/wall or any facebook group of your choice.
6. Now upload the saved image to your preferred facebook group or timeline.
7. After you successfully share our sponsored post on your facebook , go to the comment box below and comment something like this; [sponsored post shared by me ]you write your facebook username, on [you write the name of the group].
8. Click on post comment. And you earn your N100 that’s all and very simple.
Hope I’m understood?

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