Bet9ja Reward Review How It Works

Bet9ja Reward

What Is Bet9ja Reward

Bet9ja Reward is one of the best ways in which Bet9ja uses to say thank you for choosing them as one of the best betting company in Nigeria, Bet9ja Reward is nothing but a system where you can earn player points and bonus cash rewards for real money gaming activity on sport & casino. The more you play, the more cash reward bonuses you will earn

Win or lose, sportsbook and casino bets you place will be Translated into points. The amount of points you earn is based on a few things: number of bets placed, number of selections and amount staked.

No matter the outcome of the bets you place, you will still earn points in Bet9ja Reward.

How does Bet9ja Reward Works?

Bet9ja Reward has two factors; building your rank and achieving rewards. Both factors work with each other, where the higher your rank, the faster you will earn cash rewards for your loyalty.

Part 1: Your Rank

  • Bets you place will result in points which in turn contribute to your rank
  • The higher your rank, the higher your points multiplier. This then gives you the ability to accumulate points faster.
  • You have 1 month to collect as many points as possible towards your rank by placing any bet on sportsbook & casino markets.
  • At the end of each month, the rank you achieve will be the rank you start on for the following month, but your ranking points will be reset to zero.

Points you earn towards your rank will also go towards your cash reward bonuses – but the higher your rank, the faster you will earn them.

Rank benefits (Multiplier) and progression (Points Required to Rank Up) seen below

Bet9ja Reward

Depending on what rank is reached by the end of the month will be the rank the player will start the next month with.

For example;

A player earns 14,000 points in September so will start with the Green rank in October.

Although the player is Green rank for October, their points total towards the next rank will reset to 0 and they will have to collect at least 10,000 points again to maintain the Green rank for November.

However, unlike the previous month, their multiplier will now be 1.5, rather than simply 1. This allows them to accumulate points quicker. The rank reached is not kept permanently and is only applicable the month after the rank status is earned.

Part 2: Achieving Rewards (Cash Reward Bonuses)

  • The rank you start each month on will have a multiplier attached to it – the higher the multiplier, the quicker you will get to your cash rewards as your stake will earn you more points.
  • In order to earn the cash rewards, you must earn a certain amount of Rewards Points, as shown in a progress bar on the bonus tab. Bonus Rounds last a maximum of 7 days, and will end once you have reached the next cash reward by earning enough Rewards Points, or once the 7 days expires. In either case, the next round begins immediately after the previous one ends.  The higher your rank, the faster you earn points within the Bonus Rounds (and the faster you earn cash rewards!)

Earning Points

Points are earned for activity based on the following rates:

Sports Bets:

Selections on BetPoints Per 100 Naira
1 to 21
3 to 42
5 to 83
9 to 135
14 to 207
21 +10

For example;

  • A 10-selection bet a Bronze level player (2X multiplier) places staked at 100 naira, will earn 10 points instead of 5. (10-selection bet staked at 100 naira = 5 points)
    • (Bronze level = 2X multiplier)
      • (5 points x 2 = 10 points)


  • A 4-selection bet a Green level player (1.5X multiplier) places staked at 200 naira will earn 6 points instead of 4.
    • (4-selection bet staked at 100 naira = 2 points)
    • (4-selection bet staked at 200 naira = 4 points)
    • (Green level = 1.5X multiplier)
      • (4 points x 1.5 = 6)

and so on…

Casino Play:

On all of our casino offerings, you will earn 1 Rewards Point for every 200 NGN staked.

How Cash Rewards are Earned — Bonus Rounds

Cash rewards are earned within a 7-day period called ‘Bonus Rounds’. Once each Bonus Round starts, you have 7 days to reach enough points to hit the next cash reward. A bonus round ends either once you hit the next cash reward, or after the 7 day time period expires. These bonus rounds run continuously, with a new Bonus Round starting as soon as the previous Bonus Round ends.

Cash Reward Bonuses are earned through the point totals stated below:

Cash Reward BonusPoints Required

If you fail to reach the cash reward points total, you will have to earn at least half of the points required for the next bonus in order to remain aiming for that bonus when the next round starts.

For example; 

Player has earned 500 points during a 7-day bonus round, therefore has earned the 100NGN bonus. In the next round, the player has earned 1000/2500 points and therefore drops back to the 500 points round. The player has to have earned a total of at least 1,250 points (50%) in order to remain aiming for the 500NGN bonus for when the following 7-day bonus round starts.

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